About Us

About Us

A Personal Message from the Founder and President of Corporate Values, Woody Kaye.

I’m Woody Kaye and I founded Corporate Values in 1999 to fulfill my entrepreneurial spirit and help businesses of all shapes and sizes cement their brand in the marketplace. I am both proud and humbled by our success in building long-term relationships and finding creative solutions to keep you top of mind with your clients and prospects. More importantly, our clients are so satisfied with us they are willing to take the time to say so. For example, one client said, “Woody and his team provide us with excellent customer service and great attention to detail. They consistently produce creative merchandise that makes our firm stand out from our competitors." You can read more from our clients here

In a world that operates at the speed of light, where it seems that everything needs to be done yesterday and where what’s “new” can become “old” overnight, we strive to stay one step ahead of the curve. We don’t just sell branded products like pens and coffee mugs. We build relationships. We get to know your business and your industry. We get into the heads of your clients and help you provide them with something that gives you “shelf space” in their minds.

There’s a lot of noise in our world, images flash by our eyes constantly. If you want to be heard and remembered by your clients and prospects, we can help you. Welcome to Corporate Values, where old-fashioned values of quality, service and relationships are on our top shelf.