They work with vendors who have been vetted so you are confident that they will produce high quality goods for the agreed upon price, within the agreed upon time frames.

- Allied Word Assurance Company

When providing quotes on products, each quote has a photo, description, specs and all costs associated with production. Corporate Values knows how picky I am about quality and service and they deliver!

- Bessember Tust

Woody and his team provide us with excellent customer service and great attention to detail. They consistently produce creative merchandise that makes our firm stand out from our competitors.

- MALKIN Properties

These are my true feelings... SERVICE:  excellent, very efficient, proactive in providing us with new promotional items.   ATTITUDE:  very pleasant, always accommodating, creative.  THINKING:  always on the ball.  To sum it up.  A nice group of individuals to work with. 

- Edwina Bowen, Butterfield Bank

Corporate Values helps us with any of our needs, from very small projects to much larger events. They seem to be motivated by serving their clients (me) rather than the bottom line. They are always extremely patient as we change our minds many times. In the end, we are thrilled with the products, the service, the smile and all the extras we receive.

- Mary Archacki, Marsh, Inc.

I find Corporate Values to be the best (...in their class...) on research and delivery time. Their response is good and friendliness is excellent.
- Maria McLeod-Smith, Argus

Corporate Values has provided Wilmington Trust with fresh ideas that meet our promotional needs and expectations. The quality items we have purchased add value to our corporate events. We appreciate the quick response and professional and friendly service.

-  Barb Bullock, Wilmington Trust

I have been very impressed with the service we have received from Corporate Values the past few years. They respond quickly and efficiently and are both helpful and friendly.

- Norma Thomson, Bacardi Brands International