A Note from Woody Kaye, Founder and CEO

Every brand has a story to tell in an increasingly cluttered marketplace. So how do you deliver new and different but resonate as “on brand” and relevant? The Corporate Values team is committed to CV Brand Stewardship©, our daily practice of understanding and nurturing your brand. We attempt to fully understand the significance of your brand in the lives of people who use or buy it.

That’s why we invest in CV Brand Stewardship©. Our fresh, new infusion of products and services is just one way we meet our own goals in customer satisfaction and repeat business, both of which are at an all-time high.

How CV Brand Stewardship© Works to Distinguish Your Brand:

  1. Gauge the market
  2. Identify trends
  3. Understand your target
  4. Examine an event tie-in, if any
  5. Discuss solutions

Corporate Values knows that companies need new, different, and creative ways to bolster a consumer’s relationship with their brand. And we understand that perfection in that logoed product, solid pricing, reliable deliver—are all critical components of a good marketing toolbox.

Our Reputation Rests on Being the Most Valued, Most Creative Solution

Our team is so experienced that we will manage your budget and help you avoid costly mistakes. Our dedicated Customer Service and Support staff has one goal: address your brand’s unique story to deliver awareness, growth, and ROI.

We guarantee your satisfaction. We guarantee tailor-made products and services. And we guarantee a solution that your customers will appreciate, in many cases, for years to come. Please contact us today to discuss your needs and our approach.


More time for customer service and reduced costs. Better ROI and Goodwill for client brands.

Vision Statement

Corporate Values endeavors to become the authority in integrated marketing solutions incorporating print, promo, packaging and digital.

Mission Statement

Corporate Values’ unwavering mission is to foster and enhance long-term relationships between our innovative clients and their valued customers through novel brand strategies and unique products

About Woody Kaye

Woody KayeWoody is a former banker whose enthusiasm for sports coincided with an entrepreneurial spirit. He recognized that great brands, whether a bank or a consumer product, must deliver their message in multiple channels, if they expect to foster a special relationship with consumers.

Consumer relationships with brands are not unlike relationships between people.

Both demand attention and investment. So Woody leveraged his own successful Banking relationships to engage with marketers, starting with sponsored sports events. Many clients chatted up “that great logo shirt”, or continued to use the same, favorite, logo mug 10 years later.

Corporate Values invests not only in its customer and prospect relationships, but also in relationships with suppliers.

Suppliers aren’t vendors; they’re business partners, sharing the best, on-trend, most creative products for clients. It is this collaborative approach that helps Corporate Values uncover the most fun, functional and trendy products, ahead of other promotion and logo companies.