Promotional Products

If you are a company or a business that is looking for promotional products to promote your product or brand, you are in the right place! Corporate Values is here for any and all of your promotional product needs! We specialize in helping companies who are looking for promotional products if that is you, we are here to help!

Promotional products can be a multitude of things including, USB Drives, Hats, T-Shirts, and much more. They are designed to help your customers promote your products or your brand while they are out and about! You can provide your customers with fun and memorable promotional products that they are excited about and proud to share!


Why Promotional Products?



E1E4BC0B60FF5FE9EE22C195776C3776Promotional products hold the key to quantifying the performance of every marketing medium you use. In short you can use them to keep all of your other advertising honest. Let’s face it the days of major ego advertising and blowing money for the sheer thrill of seeing a company name advertised on TV cable or the Internet are now largely behind us. Sure a few companies still manage to squander budgets on massive unproven advertising and branding campaigns but today most companies are forced to insist on getting results.

Running a television radio or newspaper ad will cost you the same whether it generates one lead or 1000 but when you use one of these media to motivate a new prospect or client or take action now in order to receive a promotional gift response race response rates rise dramatically.

The power of promotional products comes from their ability to get an effective targeted marketing message in front of exactly the prospects and clients you need to reach and keep it there without the waste associated with other media.

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We guarantee your satisfaction. We guarantee tailor-made products and services. And we guarantee a solution that your customers will appreciate, in many cases, for years to come.



Give Gifts Your Recipients Want

Corporate Values -42580359Launch your next promotional campaign with relevant products that are unique to your brand and resonate with your consumer. With our large assortment of logo-driven merchandise, we’re sure to find the perfect fit for you.

As a full-service branding agency, Corporate Values is proud to do the heavy lifting for you. We’ve curated a proven selection of on-brand experiences and can’t wait to show you the impact it has. Let us help you accentuate your brand today.

The four factors of successful promotions.

#1 Audience appropriate product. The most compelling marketing message in the world will be lost on the recipient if the promotional item itself is not appropriate to the targeted audience.

#2 Effective marketing message. Too often promotional products convey only company names or logos without any strong benefit statement advantage or call to action. It generally costs no more to add these things to the imprint, but the effect he can have on the entire campaign is dramatic.

#3 Targeted, qualified recipients. Very few companies can afford to market to everyone. So each promotion should be geared toward the individuals most likely to generate positive results for you.

#4 The right time. It’s been said that the difference between salad and garbage is timing. This is equally true of marketing. The perfect marketing message delivered either too soon or too light will not produce the desired result.

What is your purpose?

Corporate Values -41150811When considering a promotion begin with your purpose in mind. A great way to do this is to start by asking yourself the following key questions and telling your promotional advisor the answers:

​#1What is the purpose of the promotion? What am I looking to accomplish? Do I want to get attention and create awareness? Where do I want to accomplish more? Am I interested in rewarding performance? Motivating someone to do something? If so, what specific action do I want them to take? What do I want them to do?
Promotional products are great at getting people to do things exclamation they can be used to dramatically improve your existing lead generation efforts and get new prospects to contact you. They can be used to retain existing clients or reactivate those who haven’t ordered in a while. Promotional products can be used as an incentive to encourage someone to do a good job. Or they can be used to reward a job well done. Any of these are valid purposes that begin to demonstrate the power of promotional products.

#2 Who, specifically, do I want to impact with my promotion? Effective promotions depend upon effective targeting, and unlike other media, there is little to no waste with promotional products, since they can be delivered only to the specific individuals you choose.

#3 What exactly do I want to communicate to my target group? Like Mr Ed, the talking horse in the classic television series, you should never speak in less you have something to say. However, many businesses still quote wing it unquote rather than taking the time to compose a strong, effective marketing message.
As you think your promotion through, consider including a strong, compelling benefit statement. If it’s printed on the same color in the same color as your logo, it generally doesn’t cost anymore but it can improve your results dramatically.

Corporate Values -42426272#4 Where do I want to reach my targeted group? Another tremendous advantage of promotional products over other media, is that in addition to choosing who to reach you can also choose where. Where will my prospect be most receptive to my message? At work? At the trade show? In the car? Does my prospect work in an office? At a desk? In a cubicle? We’re on a tractor in the middle of the field? With over a half million products you can promote yourself virtually anywhere. Would I rather teach my prospect at home? If so, and what run? How about a custom imprinted TV remote for the den? More magnet for the kitchen? With the imprinted soaps, sponges or washcloths, you could literally mark it to someone in the shower! Of course, a professionally trained promotional advisor can help you to determine which product will get your message in front of your prospect, wherever you choose to reach them.

#5 How will I get it into their hands? Will we distribute our product at tradeshows, in person or via direct mail? Will we deliver it ourselves, by our sales representatives or via Courier? Whatever you choose, the delivery method is part of the overall experience, and should be considered carefully. Presenting the recipient with a gift wrapped present in person creates a completely different experience than if the same gift arrives in a brown car gated box via UPS.

#6 When do you want to start getting the results of your promotion? Whether your purpose is to motivate your salespeople, enhance morale, improve safety in the workplace or recognize your best clients, when do you want to start accomplishing that? Now or three months from now? When you have a good, solid purpose for your promotion, you will notice it you are far more likely to want to get started right away. Well it may seem OK to put off buying bright yellow T shirts and reflective hats, it probably seems less OK to put off implementation of your warehouse safety program. Ironically that program may consist solely of bright yellow shirts and reflective hats exclamation but once again, the purpose drives the promotion.

Source: The Power of Promotional Products by Maria Carlton & David Blaise