Every brand has a story to tell in an increasingly cluttered marketplace. So how do you deliver new and different but resonate as “on brand” and relevant? The Corporate Values team is committed to CV Brand Stewardship©, our daily practice of understanding and nurturing your brand. We attempt to fully understand the significance of your brand in the lives of people who use or buy it.

That’s why we invest in CV Brand Stewardship©. Our fresh, new infusion of products and services is just one way we meet our own goals in customer satisfaction and repeat business, both of which are at an all-time high.


How CV Brand StewardshipCorporate Values Tm Works to Distinguish Your Brand:

  • Gauge the market
  • Identify trends
  • Understand your target
  • Examine an event tie-in, if any
  • Discuss solutions

Corporate Values knows that companies need new, different, and creative ways to bolster a consumer’s relationship with their brand. And we understand that perfection in that logoed product, solid pricing, reliable deliver—are all critical components of a good marketing toolbox.

Promotional Products


Our Reputation Rests on Being the Most Valued, Most Creative Solution


Our team is so experienced that we will manage your budget and help you avoid costly mistakes. Our dedicated Customer Service and Support staff has one goal: address your brand’s unique story to deliver awareness, growth, and ROI.

We guarantee your satisfaction. We guarantee tailor-made products and services. And we guarantee a solution that your customers will appreciate, in many cases, for years to come.



Give Gifts Your Recipients Want


Launch your next promotional campaign with relevant products that are unique to your brand and resonate with your consumer. With our large assortment of logo-driven merchandise, we’re sure to find the perfect fit for you.

As a full-service branding agency, Corporate Values is proud to do the heavy lifting for you. We’ve curated a proven selection of on-brand experiences and can’t wait to show you the impact it has. Let us help you accentuate your brand today.

Packaging & Drop Shipping


Have a project requiring wrapping, logistics, and coordination? Yes we do that!


Packaging & Drop Shipping involve time, money, and multiple vendors. We will help you ship everything; from 100 luxury gifts with a personalized note to 1,000 employee holiday gifts.

Give us the task, and we will save you the time, meeting all your needs and deadlines, and managing your budget. Also, we guarantee the privacy of your mailing lists.



We can manage your promo/print program while integrating your own company store purchasing portal. Our storage and fulfillment services will reduce your inventory exposure and improve accuracy and efficiency when it comes to order fulfillment. We’ll also support you with real-time reporting. That lets you focus on your priorities, namely growing your business.



Our extensive warehousing services:


  • Shipping
  • Receiving
  • Inventory Management
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Kitting



Brand Media, Name Brand Promotional Products and Gifting


More organizations are now using brand names in their business, event, and promotional gifting and corporate amenities programs.


The better you select the right brand for your recipients and your own brand, the more long-term impact you’ll accomplish. That’s why it’s called “Brand Gifting”.

We help you profit from the power of brands to engage almost any audience, including:

  • “Surprise-and-delight gifting” to remote workers or customers who appreciate the spontaneous recognition for accomplishments
  • Unique door-openers or gift-with-purchase offers and other strategies to support sales

We apply the same care we use with promotional products to help with the selection of brands, so that each gift resonates with the recipient in a way that augments your own brand story for potentially years to come.

Click here to learn about CV’s Engagement division, which brings the latest in human capital management, metrics, and ROI of engagement practices to sales and non-sales employees, and channel partner engagement.

Company Stores


Our Powerful Company Store Platform Makes Your Online E-commerce Dreams a Reality.

Multiple stakeholders in different locations can be a challenge. Whether it’s a private label store, employee store, or franchisee store, our on-line shopping cart handles and tracks all your administrative and analytical needs. Plus, you can reduce and in many cases eliminate inventory through our network of decorate-on-demand suppliers.



  • Offer and sell more products
  • Track orders
  • Open 24/7, no brick and mortar
  • Save space
  • Eliminate invoicing
  • Manage inventory



Digital Marketing Services


Use our marketing playbook to expand your customer or client base and broaden your reach at trade shows and special events.


It’s a single-minded, targeted message to one person, your consumer.


Our three Newest and Exclusive Tools:

  • Location Lookback
    Banner and video ads based on geo-framing. Opt-in and location services are not required!
  • Pinpoint
    Banner and video ads in a specific time frame and geography that follow a device home, even to other devices in the household.
  • Direct Match
    Online banner or video ads using IP technology at a fraction of direct mail prices. Great for retail tie-ins!